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For who?

  • You've always known you have a unique purpose and gifts to offer the world, but right now you feel stuck. 
  • What seemed to work before doesn’t work anymore.  It feels impossible to understand where you might fit in or how you could make an impact in our changing world. Something keeps tugging at you, letting you know it's time to get going, but you don't know where to begin or what your next steps are.
  • You have your own business but after launching and working really hard, you find that the investments you’ve made in running your business, be it time, money and energy are not reflected in your bank account.
  • So... you want to make more money or attract more clients through your business.

If that's you, keep reading!

Wouldn't it feel great if you knew what your Soul gifts are?

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a living plan at your disposal with accurate directions for each step to take in your business, in alignment with your soul's purpose?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to create an abundant life for yourself by doing what you love?

I thought so too!

In the old world, living our highest potential and expressing our Divinity was not encouraged. The veil of forgetfulness dimmed our Light and the wisdom how to activate our Divine blueprint here on Earth was lost for a long time.

But now we are at the dawn of a new world. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

It is time to dream a new world.

People like you are here to be on the forefront of creating new ways. You are here to do new things in new ways. You are a creator of new, assisting our evolving world. You are a bridge builder to the new.

You know this deep down and still, you are not sure what your next step is. You feel overwhelmed: so many things to do, so many different paths to choose from. How can you be sure which path is the right one for you?

In this new world that we are still dreaming together, for you as a conscious entrepreneur, to navigate happily in these unknown territories, it's very important to have a map at hand that tells you exactly Who you are at Soul Level and how you can navigate best in this new world.

You know why?

Because not one path is the same, you have your unique path to discover and follow.

This one map-of-a kind we call the blueprint. Your blueprint is like your North Star, your compass, always showing you the way to the land of your Soul.

If you don't have acces to your blueprint/map, you may wander around for years without a clear vision for you and your business in mind. Trying to follow a path others have laid out before you, only to find out that it doesn't work for you.

If you don't know your unique gifts as soul, it's very hard to truly shine your Light. Your intention to serve others is beautiful, but if what you Do is not in alignment with who you Are, you are not going to make a lot of money.

Fortunately, the ancient art of accessing, reading and activating our blueprint, has returned so the time has come to set out on this hero's journey: to learn to express your Divinity here on Earth, and how better than through your own business?

Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to know

  • what your true soul's purpose is?
  • whether your products and services reflect that purpose?
  • In which areas in your business there are blockages and/or energy leaks so that you do not (yet) realize the turnover you have in mind for your business?
  • whether your 'ideal customer' is a match to your frequency?
  • and whether your marketing, sales and business strategies are aligned to your soul's blueprint?  

Join me for an adventure of a lifetime!

It's time to tell yourself a new narrative.

A new story, about how you chose to overcome your fear of success and shine your light. How you stood out from your competitors, just by being authentically you.

As we become more and more conscious, creating a Soul Aligned Business is essential for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to create an abundant life for themselves, with flow and ease.


  • Set a clear intention of what you want to manifest in your business within 3 months.
  • Get strategic guidance on your brand, business model & marketing strategy based on your soul's blueprint.  
  • Clear any blocks to abundance in your business.
  • Align what you DO with who you ARE
  • And... live the dream!

Doing business will feel like a fun adventure, discovering new, unknown worlds and new experiences to have! 

This Soul Aligned Business Makeover Program will support you in creating a business that is sustainable for you as high-sensitive Soul, as well as for those that you serve and support. It allows you to follow your Soul's song, no matter what, and make a good living by doing what you love. 

What is included?

1. Detailed energetic report of your business 

With this energetic report, you gain more insight into where in your business the energy stagnates (your products or services, marketing, sales, clients,...). This information is the starting point for the more in-depth readings offered in the 1-on-1 sessions during the six month coaching program.

This allows you to take better targeted actions to allow for more flow in your company. Not by working harder, but by attuning your goals and actions to your Soul's Blueprint.

-VALUE: 495 euro-

 2. Your Energetic business Make-Over in 6 online sessions (each 75 min)

+ 1 BONUS session (30 min)


  • Discover your (blocked) archetypes in business.

Which archetype reflects your hidden powers in business?

  • Discover your organizing principle.

Each of us has a basic organizing principle that is the basis not only of how we were created, but also how we are designed to create! If you know your Soul’s organizing principle, it will make you happier, more productive, and allow your Gifts to shine!

-VALUE: 195 euro-

After your 

You have access to all of the wisdom and tools to make it happen.

  • You shall have a ton of new, practical, and applicable insights to apply for great results.
  • For each aspect of your business, you will know which choices increase the energy flow (= money) and which don’t.
  • You shall have freed yourself of old lack-infused programs and allowed more abundance in your life.
  • You shall have a new direction for your business that enables you to focus on taking inspired actions towards your goal.
  • You shall experience that how and what you DO in your business is an expression of who you are!
  • You shall know how to be of value in this world by simply being yourself

and that.... is priceless!  

Book your business make-over today!

What do we cover?


.  Soul Blueprint Reading

Get your soul’s blueprint for business: who are you (at Soul Level) and what are your special gifts?


Your products and services  

  Detailed energetic evaluation of your products and/or services and realignment to your authentic self-expression


Clear any blocks to abundance in business  

We clear financial blocks and restrictions in business that are blocking the highest calling in your career. This includes vows of poverty, past life contracts, bindings & other forms of interference.


 Marketing strategy + Sales Process  

  Detailed energetic analysis and misalignment scan of your Marketing: Content - Delivery Method & Frequency and Sales Process: Structure - Content & Sales Attitude 


Business Systems  

  Detailed energetic analysis and misalignment scan of your Business systems (online and offline), time management, applications and tools,... 


Contributors and clients

Misalignment scan of existing Contributors, Business Partners, Team members and/or Clients  

This is an individual program:

  • START any time, being NOW the best moment - if you want to create a different outcome in your business! (choose your dates in the online calendar)
  • Fully adapted to your pace, your needs, your next steps in your business.
  • In each personal coaching session, you can ask questions directly into your Akashic Records for more clarity.

This program gave me great insights and the clarity I was looking for in order to upgrade my business.

What a gift!  

- Annick Ottenburg -

About Els

After I had my own Soul's blueprint read to me in 2018, my life changed completely!
I learned that I was an old soul who carried an innate understanding of the Soul's Blueprint.

In my first career, I have been a succesful musician, soundhealer and vocal transformational coach but I knew that if I wanted to live my soul's purpose, it was time to change course. That's how I became a professional intuitive guide, blueprint restoration master and ... bullshit detector ;-)
As a trained Soulrealignment Business Practitioner, I acces your Akashic Records where I can read your soul's blueprint. The Akashic Records are an energetic library where the 'book' of every Soul is kept.

Now I dedicate my life to helping you make an impact in the lives of others, just by being YOU!
There is nothing more rewarding for me than to help you succeed on your path of purpose.

After many years of self education, spiritual development, determination and miracles, I discovered my unique ability to uncover the Truth of Who You Are (and not ;-)). I help you cut through the illusions of the ego, that part of you that loves to play hide and seek in order to keep you from shining your true colors. 

Are you ready to translate, activate and navigate your souls original design and highest purpose for this lifetime? As your ally on your heroic quest, I will light your path and give you the support and tools you need to navigate through the land of your Soul.

I look forward to working with you,

P.S You can book your Soul Aligned Business Make-over Sessions in English, Dutch, German or French.

Disclaimer: I am not a business coach, so I am NOT an expert in business. I am an expert in reading energy, and more specifically your unique Blueprint and any misalignment that may occur in your business. My energetic approach on business is unique on the market. 

If we find there's misalignment in the areas of your marketing, sales or business systems, you might need to train yourself in certain aspects of business or talk to a business coach, based on the energetic findings.

Reviews from Customers

Els has a beautiful and very effective way of working! With a high degree of accuracy, she picks out those elements that caused stagnation in my business and no longer resonate with my soul. The homework assignments triggered a tidal wave of new impulses and ideas, which I initially had my hands full to be able to ground them. But that is starting to find its way and maybe "coincidence", but I immediately got 3 new clients .... Thank you!

- Marijke Blokdijk (Music Therapist)

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Business Scan

- for only 295 euro (value: 495 euro)

If you would like get a feel of me and my work, and see if this is something for you, you might consider to book the SOUL ALIGNED BUSINESS SCAN separately,

for only 295 euro

During our session together, I explain you how much misalignment (in percentages) has been shown for each part of your business (products, marketing, sales, clients,...).

This information is the starting point for the more in-depth readings offered in the 3-Month Program.

Your investment: 295 euro

Soulaligned Business Make-Over

- for only 1295 euro (value: 2640 euro)


  • Business Scan - value 495 euro


  • Energetic business Make-Over in 6 online sessions (each 75 min) - value 1950 euro
  • Soul Blueprint Reading
  • Your products and services  
  • Clear any blocks to abundance in business  
  • Marketing strategy + Sales Process  
  • Business Systems
  • Contributors and clients

+ 2 EXTRA BONUSSES (value 195 euro):

  • Discover your (blocked) archetypes in business.
  • Discover your organizing principle.

Your investment: only 1295 euro

Payment Plan: 3 x 454 euro

* Voor solo-entrepreneurs or businesses with max. 7 products/services + max. 3 contributors/partners  

More services/more contributors? . 

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